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  • The Capability Brown Festival...

    ... has been the first ever national celebration of historic landscapes. We hope that the increased interest in Brown will have a long lasting legacy, making 2016 Festival the beginning of a renewed public interest and understanding of historical landscapes.  

    Thank you and goodbye
    © Ceryl Evans
  • The Capability Brown Festival 2016 may be over...

    ... but we have put lots more information online so you can still explore Brown's sites and find out about his legacy.

    just the beginning
  • Brown Abounds: A new legacy of information

    The Capability Brown Festival year has been a spur for new research about Brown's work and for sharing existing information.

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  • 2016 - a year of "Great Capabilites"

    2016 was quite a year of tercentenary celebrations for Capability Brown. The Festival team have spent a little time looking over the news stories for the tercentenary year and have picked out some of our favourites to revisit.

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  • Who was Capability Brown?

    Watch our cartoon to find out 

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  • Find Capability Brown

    There are more than 250 attributed and definite Lancelot Brown sites across the UK. Find one near you!

    Find a landscape
    © Weston Park
  • Latest News

    Thank you and goodbye

    13 February 2017
    category: General

    This is the very last newsletter article of the Capability Brown Festival. Thank you for reading! A particularly big thank you to all the people who have written articles and generously shared their knowledge and enthusiasm with us. We decided to issue the last newsletter on 16th February, the date of Lancelot Brown’s burial as recorded in the parish register of Fenstanton.

  • Latest News

    2016 is just the beginning...

    13 February 2017
    category: General

    The Capability Brown Festival of 2016 may be over but you can still explore Brown's sites and find out about his legacy.

  • Latest News

    Learn-a-lot from Lancelot

    13 February 2017
    category: General

    Watch education specialist Neil Dymond-Green's webinar highlighting how Capability Brown’s landscapes can be explored for formal education or family learning activities.

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